Adnan Mjalli on Trump-Abbas Meeting: The Keys are in The Hands of The Israelis. Palestinians Want to Have Peace.

INTERVIEW- DR. ADNAN MJALLI – Executive Chairman, MIG HOLDINGS and member of the World Economic Forum – discussed the Trump-Abbas meeting.

  • Background: Dr. Adnan Mjalli, Executive Chairman of MIG holdings, is a member of the World Economic Forum.  He’s also an internationally recognized entrepreneur in healthcare, lives in Ramallah, and holds over 700 patents in the biotechnology field.
  • TWEET: Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump: An honor to host President Mahmoud Abbas at the WH today. Hopefully something terrific could come out it between the Palestinians & Israel.
  • Mahmoud Abbas meets Donald Trump in key US visit. US President Donald Trump meets Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for the first time in the White House. US President Donald Trump has promised to revive the stalled Israel-Palestine peace process after hosting Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, without, however, offering any details about how to resolve the long-running conflict.  Speaking after their first face-to-face meeting at the White House on Wednesday, Trump pledged to support Abbas “in being the Palestinian leader who signs his name to the final and the most important peace agreement that brings safety, stability, prosperity to both peoples and to the region”. He also said he believes Israelis and Palestinians are both willing to make a deal.
  • Abbas’s White House talks on Wednesday follow a mid-February visit by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who moved quickly to reset ties after a frequently combative relationship with Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama. Though expectations are low, plans are being firmed up for Trump to visit the Israeli leader in Jerusalem and possibly Abbas in the West Bank, possibly on May 22-23, according to people familiar with the matter. US and Israeli officials have declined to confirm the visit.
  • Before Peace, Give Us Something To Lose. (Daily Caller/By Adnan Mjalli, Executive Chairman, MIG Holdings)  — “Democracy, hope, and stability are not the first three words one usually associates with the state of Palestine.  But with the adoption of some hard truths by Palestinian leadership, the Palestinian people will be free, finally, to take command of our own destiny, construct lasting civil institutions, and revitalize our perilous economy.  Only from this position of newfound strength will enduring peace with Israel ever be realized.  Let us hope this week’s initial meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will lay the foundation for this transformational policy reversal. First, it must be acknowledged that 70 years of policy that ties the fate of our people to the outcome of negotiations with Israel has been a mistake.  We can no longer deny that this was a strategic blunder of enormous proportion.  And no longer should we tolerate our position as passive spectators of our own decline.”

Source: WMLA