Regional Congresses:

WPEC brings together the global Palestinian diaspora into 13 Regional Congresses,  representing Palestinians from all corners of the globe:

• West Bank

• Gaza

• Jordan 

• Green Line 

• Lebanon 

• Syria 

• MENA Region

• Africa

• Europe 

• North America

• Latin America 

• Asia 

• Australasia

Each regional congress implements WPEC programmes and draws Palestinians together in its region.  Each has its own steering committee and sub-committees covering ten different sectors and contributes delegates to WPEC General Assembly.  WPEC values are embodied in each regional congress: delegates are democratically elected, each has 50% female representation and 75% of delegates are under the age of 50.

General Assembly:

The General Assembly consists of five hundred Regional Delegates elected to represent the Regional Congresses at the Plenary meetings of the WPEC.  Each regional congress contributes delegates to the General Assembly.

The General Assembly represents ten different economic sectors, where each sector is represented by 50 delegates. 

The economic sectors are the following :
1. Education and Scientific Research 
2. Trade and Industry 
3. Agriculture, Livestock and Environment 
4. Communications and Transport 
5. Financial and Banking Sector
6. Energy and Alternative Energy 
7. Technology and Information Science 
8.  Art, Culture, Heritage and Media 
9.  Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector
10.  Sports and Recreation

Economic Partnerships between public and private sector will be established in each of the above sectors.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee provides policy advice, reports, proposals and recommendations to the General Assembly. It also steers the work of the Management Board. It consists of 50 delegates from the General Assembly.

Management Board:
The Management Board has day to day oversight of WPEC, providing programme management and monitoring and ensuring compliance and financial control and the administration of memberships, treasury, and governmental relations of WPEC.