About Us

About Us

The World Palestinian Economic Congress (WPEC) is an international organisation representing the Palestinian people globally, working to bring Palestinian communities, interests and institutions together to develop and improve education, health, economy, business and the general welfare and conditions of Palestinians in all the Palestinian Territories, including the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. It achieves its vision through harnessing the talent and capabilities of the worldwide Palestinian community.


WPEC is non-partisan, non-political and non-aligned to existing authority structures.

WPEC pledges its support for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), as the sole internationally recognised legitimate representation of the Palestinian people. Gaza is also a vital part of Palestine and keeping it separate from the West Bank has severe implications. WPEC opts for unity among the factions and supports internal dialogue.

WPEC represents, promotes and reflects the highest aspirations and standards of individual and institutional conduct, and is committed to upholding everybody’s dignity and freedom.

As an organization, WPEC is transparent and democratically organised, based on the concept of unity in action on matters of common concern.


WPEC aims to bring Palestinian talents and capacities together to revive the Palestinian national economy, serve the Palestinian cause and voice its mutual concerns.  

Our mission is to work on developing programmes that sustain and enhance the survival, success, and steadfastness of a democratic Palestine, its people and their inalienable human, civil, economic and political rights.

WPEC’s primary focus is to build a strong economy , offer opportunities for youth , protect the interests of the Palestinian people including their right to return, the status of Palestinian refugees around the world, Jerusalem, and solve the Gaza crisis. 


WPEC strives to:

1. Utilise the collective strength of Palestinians both at home and around the world in order to serve Palestinian communities, develop their status, increase their influence, and promote their steadfastness and survival.

2. Enhance solidarity within Palestinian communities worldwide, uniting their people for their common cause.

3. Promote and secure the status and interests of Palestinians and their communities by developing a sustainable economy and tackling barriers that inhibit economic growth.

4. Encourage and assist the development of creative programs to sustain and advance the Palestinian social, economic and cultural presence throughout the world.

5. Build foundations which support higher education, nurture young minds and foster a healthy, modern and safe learning environment.

6. Assist in developing and strengthening a unified and dignified Palestinian identity within the social, cultural and economic spheres regionally and worldwide.

7. Effectively defend the interests and speak on behalf the Palestinian people as a whole in the international community including before governments, institutions, organizations, authorities, NGOs, inter-faith groups and civil society bodies.

8. Promote and encourage the involvement of Palestinian youth and women in many forms of peaceful and productive organisational leadership, academia and business.

9. Establish economic partnerships between Palestinian public and private sectors and encourage investments in various areas including industry, agriculture, technology, health, tourism and others.

10. Cooperate globally with governments, nations, organizations, and individuals who recognize Palestinian rights to accomplish these goals in the universal spirit of peace, freedom, equality and justice.